Advanced Analysis Facilities

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The rapidAER modeling system is designed to streamline the process of AERMOD modeling and greatly reduce the execution time for performing today’s demanding regulatory and assessment modeling.

advanced analysis facilities

automated output analysis with complete source attribution and interactive modelling to eliminate reruns

While AERMOD provides a number of tabulation and file output options, these must be specified in the input file to the model. If a different summary becomes necessary, then the model must be rerun with the modified output specification.


advanced analysis with complete source attribution

Unlike the AERMOD application where the reporting function is performed on the fly and in memory during program execution, in rapidAER the reporting is a secondary step which allows for much more extensive analysis to be performed. The rapidAER processing provides individual source maxima and a detailed output list of the highest combined concentration hours and days, with complete source attribution for each of these. It also produces standard averages including annual and rolling 30 day averages, as well as summary statistics of concentration values by meteorological year.


interactive modelling capability

rapidAER offers a second stage of analysis where the user can select a period and receptor, or list of receptors and averaging period to obtain selected model results and statistics with complete source attribution. This permits focused analysis of individual source performance via time series tabulations or plots and contour plots.