When I enter the serial number and code, I get the message “please enter a valid serial number”.

The serial number entered must start with ESD or ESM.

When I enter the serial number and code I get the message “invalid license number” or “invalid code”.

If this is the first time you are starting a trial period, the supplied code must be entered to activate the trial within 30 days. If the 30 days have expired, you can e-mail support@c-emc.ca to obtain a new code.

If this is a licensed product and you reinstalled or installed it on a different computer, the code may no longer work. Please e-mail support@c-emc.ca to get the code re-instated.

I am trying to log into the SQL Server and get the message “unable to connect to data source” or “unable to verify database connection”.

If this is the first log in to the database, make sure that the SQL Server service is started and that the data source is a valid instance on the server. If you have been logged in before and the service is running, then you should verify the database is accessible with your credentials by starting the Management Studio and verifying the connection.

How do I obtain updates for rapidAER?

Updates are announced on the versions page and to subscribers, and can be downloaded by registered users.

I can’t change information on the control pages or the meteorology and receptor pages.

When rapidAER has been run in MULTI mode, these pages are locked because you cannot change the receptors, meteorology or model options. You can change or add sources and buildings, in which case the run will be executed in MULTIU (Update mode). If you do want to rerun the MULTI run you have to reset the run. This is done from the Run Setup button on the power bar by selecting Reset Run. You will be asked if you want to delete the existing .nc1 file. If you respond with Yes the model will rerun the base file. If you respond with No, the model will not be run.