Streamlined model input preparation and running

rapidAER ©(2013-2019) cemcSOFT

The rapidAER modeling system is designed to streamline the process of AERMOD modeling and greatly reduce the execution time for performing today’s demanding regulatory and assessment modeling.

streamlined model input preparation and running

The rapidAER system speeds up the preparation of the model inputs, both through its interface design and through integrated databases used in preparing and archiving your model information.

The database approach allows rapidAER to keep track of all relevant data and files specific to the selected run, and display the correct information as you move through the modelling process.

The user interface is designed to show you only the elements required for a specific operation, while giving you the ability to switch quickly to a different operation on the same model run, or even a different run without losing your place in the operation. A status page is constantly updated showing the current state of data completion or operation.

integrated database

All user-entered data is automatically stored in the data repository and available for reuse in preparing other runs. rapidAER can also ingest an AERMOD input file and use the data in preparing a new run.

rapidAER provides tight integration with auxiliary programs such as BPIP for calculating building influence and automatically including the data in the input file; the AERMAP program for extracting terrain elevation information and including the information in the receptor, source, and building specifications; and the AERMET program for preparing the meteorological files for the model.


modelling dashboard

Once the data is sufficient for preparation of a model input file, all of the subsequent model operations are made available from a single location which acts as a dashboard for initiating input creation and verification, model running, and output analysis with operations status display, model directory listing, and file preview. This greatly speeds up the iterative component of the modelling task.


The rapidAER system displays another dashboard for scenario runs. This allows for the specification of a run and its source configuration, running the model procedure, and analysis of the results, all in one place.